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6 Planets Similar To Earth

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We like to think of our planet “EARTH” as the unique place that’s capable of hosting life. But we couldn’t be more wrong. Scientists have discovered some exoplanets orbiting different suns that might be capable of hosting life and some even look like our cousins!

Since we know we’re going to kill this world soon enough, let’s have a look at possibly our new future homes.

1 Gliese 667 Cc

Gliese 667 Cc
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Despite being more massive than Earth, Gliese 667 Cc orbits much faster than Earth. Compared to us taking 365 days, it only takes 28 days. Which means it’s perfect for those who are afraid of time moving too slowly. Those business types that don’t like wasting even a second, this planet’s for you! Plus it has a pretty red dwarf star that doesn’t burn your eyes, but unfortunately, due to its close proximity, it gives too many flares.

2 Proxima Centauri B

Proxima Centauri B
Source: Wikipedia

Proxima b receives much more radiation than Earth, so it’s much hotter. It’s believed that if it possibly has water in it, then about an ocean’s worth of water has already evaporated. There’s still more research to be done on its atmosphere, and even though the chances are slim that it could hold life, it still looks a lot like our earth.

3 Kepler-22b

Source: NASA

This planet seemed like some aliens tried to make another earth but made it bigger. It’s 2.4 times the size of our little planet and thus given the cool name “Super-Earth”. Since it appears to be habitable, I hope it has some super humans in it too.

4 Ross 128 b

Ross 128 b
Source: Wikipedia

It’s about the same size, as Earth and it’s believed to have a very high chance of habitability. There are many similarities between it and the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature. So we shouldn’t be afraid of a nuclear apocalypse as we can just escape to this planet.

5 Kepler-186f

Source: Today

It’s the nearest to us, only about 500 light years away. This planet is believed to be 10% larger than the Earth and also lies in the habitable zone. However, it only gets 1/3rd of energy from its star, meaning its atmosphere would be a bit colder. If vampires exist, I think we found their home planet.

6 K2-18 B

K2-18 B
Source: Sci-news

Also known as EPIC 201912552 b, this epic planet may also have a similar atmosphere as earth. But it’s believed that it has more water than the other planets listed here. It has more oceans of water and an icy hard surface. Maybe in the future it could be the new Water World theme park. Due to the presence of water, there could be a chance of life here.

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