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Only 0.1% can solve this piece of *****!

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The most annoying quiz you’ll ever find. See if you land in the 0.1%.

Only 0.1% can solve this piece of

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Well hello there folks, you might be bored of the daily routine you are forced to deal with and are wondering what to do now. Worry not, for here’s a little brain teaser to test your mental abilities. The question seems easy at first but it’s not as straightforward as it seems! Each time you think you got the answer right, there will always be something more to notice. Now read on to see how close you were.

The correct answer is 11:

In the first row, there are a total of 3 pairs (or 6 shoes), 30 divided by 6 is 5. That means one shoe has a value of 5. Why 1 shoe? Notice the fourth row has 1 shoe not 2.

In the second row, the shoes are worth 10, the total is 20. So just subtract 10 from 20, that leaves 10. 10 divided by 2 boys is 5. So, each boy is worth 5.

In the third row, the total is 13. Subtract the boy’s 5 points from 13 to get 8. Divide 8 by 2 double-whistles. This means each double whistle is 4 points and each single whistle is half of that, i.e. 2.

In the fourth row, there’s a single shoe that means it’s 5. Now the tricky part, a lot of people don’t notice this. The boy’s wearing a whistle in the second row but he’s not wearing a whistle in the third row. Since a boy with whistle is worth 5, a boy without whistle is 3 (5-2). 1 whistle is worth 2.

Now don’t forget what your mathematics teacher kept telling you! The BODMAS rule. You multiply first and then add. Apply a simple equation

So, the final equation is 5 + 3 x 2 => 5 + (3 x 2) => 5 + 6 => 11.

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